Auto screen recorder codec

auto screen recorder codec

Hardware accelerated.264 codec (GPU Best codec for advanced users The hardware accelerated.264 codec allows the users to record the target in the da vinci code true story documentary high speed, with a high compression ratio, and in high quality.
Note that not all audio and video formats are compatible.
If you can see the image in the window/player, but nothing appears in the Preview area except for a black block, then it is likely you have encountered the "Black screen" problem.
Click the, recording Source and Parameters button to open the dialog box shown below: If you plan to record only video data, in the.
RGB24: Best quality video codec (lossless) The video quality is better than mpeg-1/xvid because RGB24 doesnt compress the video.Xvid: Best codec for most users Xvid is used in many other applications/hardware and has gained great popularity.You can click the.To minimize computer resources and disk space, it is recommended you temporarily decrease the color depth in your video adapter's driver settings from 32 to 16 (or 24) bits.Make sure that the correct container is selected in the File type field.The Video window should appear.Decreasing the color depth from 32 to 16 bits cuts the size of the recorded uncompressed file in half with almost the same image quality.If you use the mpeg-1 L2 codec, you can reduce the file size, but you may have a compatibility issue with video editing programs.Click OK three times to return to Total Recorder's main window.Such resizing can only result in a loss of quality and an additional resource load.If you want to capture the area of a certain window or its child window, select the.

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The, class, Title, and optionally the, child field are automatically filled in for you as you select the window.
The Use this one option lets you manually select a particular monitor from the list.Fast speed and Very Easy to use.Most media players and support the MP2 audio format (MP3 is much more popular for PC).The mpeg-1 codec offers a good quality of video and uses much less CPU than other codecs.Most media players and support the mpeg-1 codec.To perform screen video recording, take the following steps: Start the video you want to record.This tutorial describes how to set up Total Recorder VideoPro Edition for screen video recording (i.e.Summary: If you can choose.264 encoder in Bandicam, choose ".264 ".