Bakuman 3 episode 6

bakuman 3 episode 6

5 "Step and Watch" "Suteppu to Uaotchi" November 3, 2012 Takagi three mistakes of my life book in hindi and Shiratori's manga Rabuta Peace is entered into the serialization committee and it is published in the November issue of Shonen Jack placing 5th in the voting charts.
As the votes come in, Zombie Gun sets a new record by getting the highest number of votes for a one-shot: 692.
15 "Cover and Center" "Kantou to sentaa" January 12, 2013 With Nizuma's ultimatum clearly set, only seven weeks remain until the end of crow.
Mashiro talks about it with Takagi and they decide to quit Tanto.
Miyoshi tells Takagi that Azuki is moving and hopes that she will see Mashiro at least once before she does.Just as he decides that, he happens to see Takagi and Miyoshi kissing in a park.It is being directed by Kenichi Kasai (Ah!Miura tells him he shouldn't decide things on his own, since Takagi isn't really against the idea, and tells Mashiro to work on his artstyle or to let Takagi have another artist do the artwork.Hattori gives them his contact information, encouraging them to come to him with their work.In the end, Mashiro calls the show and tells the public to believe in Azuki as they always have and adamantly states that she will get the part of the lead female role in Reversi by her skills alone.

Takagi wants to protest but Mashiro convinces him and tells him he thinks it's their best chance to get better in the rankings too.
While Mashiro and Takagi decide how best to contest Nanamine, they realize, that they can best counterattack, by pitting the climax of PCP's current arc against Nanamine's second chapter.
20 "Love and Rejection" "Daisuki to Hitei" February 18, 2012 It's time for Takagi and Miyoshi's wedding.
Soon, Mashiro takes Azuki to visit her former home where they recreate the scene of the first time Mashiro approached her at her house, star wars clone wars pc game before proposing.As the weeks progress, Aoki's What God Gave Me rises to the top of the rankings followed by a sharp decline, while Ashirogi Muto's PCP remain steady at 4th place.In the end Azuki wins by a huge margin and Mashiro, Takagi and Miyoshi celebrate Mashiro and Azuki's dreams finally getting fulfilled.They succeed in keeping up in spite of the difficulty involved in doing so, and are officially entered into the contest.Nizuma explains the deal he made with the Chief: he'll get to end a manga should he gain 1st place in the rankings for 10 consecutive weeks.