Catholic gospel readings for lent 2014

catholic gospel readings for lent 2014

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Lenten traditions and liturgical practices are less common, less binding, and sometimes non-existent among some liberal and progressive Christians, since these generally do not emphasize piety and the mortification of the flesh as a significant virtue.
Sweets: A History of Candy.
Throughout Christendom, some adherents mark the season with the traditional abstention from the consumption of meat, most notably among Roman Catholics.
It is the traditional belief that Jesus laid for 40 hours in the tomb, 21 which led to the 40 hours of total fasting that preceded the Easter celebration in the early Church 34 (the biblical reference to 'three days in the tomb' is understood.In the first reading, the Israelite peoples response to thirst was grumbling against Moses.He also allowed replacing fasting and abstinence with prayer and works of charity in countries with a lower standard of living.Retrieved 9 February 2015.

A b "Penitential Days Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong".
24 Ethiopian devotees may also abstain from sexual activity and the consumption of alcohol.
Many churches across South Wales claim David as their founder.
Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy.In the Byzantine Rite, the Gloria ( Great Doxology ) continues to be used in its normal place in the Matins service, and the Alleluia appears all the more frequently, replacing "God is the Lord" at Matins.45 This was made part of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, which made obligatory fasting for those aged between 18 and 59, and abstinence for those aged 14 and upward.56 After the Protestant Reformation, in the Lutheran Church, "Church orders of the 16th century retained the observation of the Lenten fast, and Lutherans have observed this season with a serene, earnest attitude." 3 In the Anglican Church, Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, a companion.In addition to fasting, abstinence from meat was to be observed on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays and Saturdays in Lent.