Charlie chocolate factory story book

charlie chocolate factory story book

The one thing he wanted m ore th an anything else was.
M atch the two parts o f the sentences.
She takes good care of all four frail grandparents, and she is a loving mother to Charlie.
C) d) e) 5 Use would do in the sentences of your own.
Augustus leaves the factory when he drinks from the chocolate river, and falls in, system mechanic 5.5 pro getting sucked up a pipe and sent to the Fudge Room.There w asnt even enough m oney to buy proper 1 The whole of this family.Sum up the chapter in 2 - 4 sentences.But a toothpaste cap-screwer is never paid very much money, and poor Mr Bucket, however hard he worked, and however fast he screwed on the caps, was never able to make enough to buy one half of the things that so large a family needed.(Did we trick you?) Grandpa Joe pokemon xy guidebook pdf even gives him some saved-up money to buy one more.They are as mischievous as Wonka.In the novel, he loves only.Wonka is fantastically bizarre, and remembered as one of Dahls most famous characters.

And how d you do again?
Why or why not?
Twice a day, on his way to and from school, little Charlie Bucket had to walk right past the gates of the factory.
7 close, the whole of this family the six grown-ups (count them ) and little Charlie Bucket live together in a small wooden house1 on the edge o f a great town.
Say in one word.Wait, what did he win?During this process he is shrunk to a fraction of his former size.There wasn't even enough money to buy proper food for them all.G randpa Joe and G randm a Josephine on this side, G ran d pa George and G ran d m a G eorgina on this side.