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"Come to Dolce Vita, Romford's hottest nightspot.".
Prizes Jean de Florette took one Cesar, for the fantastic Auteuil, but four baftas.
There, Cecilia Roth's grieving mother connects with the father of her child, now a chick-with-a-dick prostitute, and a richly-drawn array of actresses, hookers and the odd pregnant nun.
As Robert Altman once said: "I learned the rules of the game from 'The Rules of the Game'." Prizes Rien.I attribute more to the marvellous whores than to my direction.Malik, played by the extraordinarily good Rahim, enters turbofloorplan home and interior serial number prison bewildered and acting tough to cover insecurity; from that point we see his evolution into veritable hard-case."This film has more panache in its nose than most other costume epics can manage in their whole bodies." What not to say.City of God Year: 2002 Country: Brazil Director: Fernando Meirelles, Katia Lund The unflinching portrayal of the dark underbelly of life in Rio's favelas is what caught everyone's attention, but it's the amazingly naturalistic performances by the largely untrained young cast that set this apart.But Kaige's story of two childhood friends who become stars of the Beijing Opera but are torn apart by politics and unrequited love manages to make the personal its focus even against a huge backdrop, helped in huge measure by compassionate performances from Zhang Fengyi.Have them fight each other in scenic places.Stream Solaris now with Amazon Video."It's the blueprint for the modern high-concept thriller." What not to say.

Prizes La Haine won big in Cannes, where Kassovitz collected Best Director and the film was nominated for the Palme d'Or.
Prizes It won four Blue Dragon awards and four Asian Film Awards, but none of the big boys.
Sure, horrible things happen to good people (and bad) as the central characters grow from childhood to trouble adolescence and adulthood, but the epic scope and lengthy running time isn't wasted on simplistic pictures, and even the monsters emerge as living, breathing, suffering human beings.
Melancholic, perhaps, but as inspirational as Yo-yo Ma's bittersweet performance of the score.
Opening with a joke from narrator David Gulpilil that this is a real story, rather than one set "in a land far, far away it unfurls in a surprisingly complex story-within-a-story fashion, each layer using the same actors, as it relates tales of forbidden love.(Ingmar Bergman) What not to say.And let's not encourage it: "What's with the paper planes attacking the dragon?See it as a critique of American foreign policy or government's oppression of the working man, but either way a film that can go from horror to humour to tragedy this fast deserves our respect.My Neighbour Totoro Year: 1988 Country: Japan Director: Hayao Miyazaki Sure, it has hardly anything in terms of plot and not what you'd call a lot of witty banter either, but Totoro's an out-and-out joy to watch, a subtle, atmospheric slice of childhood, perfectly capturing.Prizes A major critical darling, Hidden won Haneke a Best Director prize at Cannes as well as a pile of nominations, including a nod at the Empire Awards for Best Thriller.The difference in the case of Flying Daggers is that the plot is a little more structured than usual: Mei (Zhang) is a blind dancer with links to the subversive House of Flying Daggers.(Mao Tse Tung) What not to say."Yeelen means brightness, don'tcha know." What not to say.It's all gone quiet since then, however, so maybe if we sneak away quietly they'll forget again.