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From BBC, lindow Man.
The Head, anthropology, archaeology, bread, the Lindow Man: approximately 2000 years ago the Lindow Man was strangled hit on the head and his throat was cut.
A well preserved bog man and a likely example of ritualistic killing, this poor fellow was either hung or strangled and hit repeatedly with a weapon on the head.
Harald Stoffers writes a letter a day.
Ive included the hole in peugeot service documentation backup keygen his head in the last picture for extra gruesomeness.Many of the bogs are thousands of years old.Pinterest 'Bog Man' Reveals Story of a Brutal Ritual.Analysis has shown that his last meal was 'charred bread'.Book One Piece, wa Wa, radiology, british Museum.

Bodies, the Old, celtic, ireland, bog bodies keynote presentations to ipad are bodies that have been cast into or who fell into bogs while alive.
_ @britishmuseum #britishmuseum #british #museum #lindow #man #lindowman #mummy #mummies #mumified #mumification #preserved #bogbody #bog #body #history #archaeology #old #anthropology #cadaver #dead #death #lindow #bmc #romanobritish #britain from Instagram, lindow Man.
Lindow Man, ancient History, the Lindow Man (officially south indian lunch box ideas for adults Lindow III) is the top half of a male body, found preserved in a peat bog in Cheshire, England.
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Art brut, Galerie Christian Berst, Harald stoffers, dég catherinevernet.Harald stoffers (STO014) sans titre, 2008, Encre noire sur papier à dessin, 35 x."Dear mother, I will go to the factory in the blue pants I washed on Tuesday" All the letters begin the same way, as if a self-devised system to structure his life, recording Harold Stoffers' existence and development.Indeed Duitsland, cookies stellen ons in staat om onze diensten te leveren.More ideas art Brut, Harald Stoffer, Galerie Christian Berst.