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games to on wii

May not appeal to everyone.
For those unfamiliar with it, its just Donkey Konga without bongos.
Positive Metacritic Reviews, neutral Metacritic Reviews, negative Metacritic Reviews.Adventure, a direct sequel to the DS game.This game no longer uses the DK Bongos, but a mix of traditional and motion controls.Created by one-man development team Tom Happ, Axiom Verge is a smartly-designed adventure that offers a satisfying sense of progression thanks to new weapons, abilities, and memorable bosses to battle always being thrown into the mix.Trauma Center: Second Opinion Sim / Puzzle The remake of the first Trauma Center on the DS with the glorious precision controls of the Wii family tree maker 2012 patch pointer.Mario Online RX Puzzle The classic puzzler returns.12/11/13 Update: With a new design comes an opportunity to add some overlooked games and remove a couple of others.Originally a free PC game that can still be downloaded here.Might appeal to Final Fantasy non-fans.There are actually differences in the various regional releases of the game.Rayman Legends, rayman Legends' vibrant world reinvigorated the fast and furious platformer, and it presented a game that uses Wii Us GamePad for multiplayer in fun ways.In addition, Wii remotes are much more convenient than tripping over wires.

This is a solid game overall.
Donkey Kong Country Returns 2D Platformer A fantastic revival of the Donkey Kong Country series by Retro.
However, getting all treasures and completing every mission is very difficult, then take into account the hard-to-find bonus levels.Aside from the fairly forced love story, the plot itself is fairly focused and well done - going out of its way to subvert several cliches in the process.It's not the nostalgic orgasm everyone expected.Different missions for each faction with different objectives, as well as splitscreen multiplayer.The playing field is a zoomed-in version of Earth where, to our titular characters view, flowers might as well be trees.