Open source chess game

open source chess game

That means you can read the code, modify it, contribute back, and even use it in your own projects.
Tell me what the last button you pressed, or action(s) you performed, was just before the error occured.
Steve Osborne (yakinikuman python Chess is a chess game (duh) for player.
Links, releases, python Chess.6 21 Apr, 2009.
98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.Powerful, stockfish is one of the strongest chess engines in the world.View ccrl rating list, open Source, unlike most chess engines, Stockfish is open source (GPL license).Please email me this, as it could contain useful information about the cause of the error.

If you wish top chef masters season 5 episode 4 to report a bug, then please try to include the following useful information:The version of SharpChess you're using.
I am very interested in hearing any feedback you may have on SharpChess: Queries, Bugs, Enhancement ideas, Savegame files of any games you have played.
Facebook page coming soon.
If you follow these guidelines, then I should be able to fix the bug for you, much faster.
Even better, if you can get it to happen more than once, then tell me the sequence of actions needed to reproduce the bug.Please fix!"A picture says a thousand words.Python Chess.7 28 Apr, 2009.So you can get world-class chess analysis, wherever you are.This simple yet powerful Chess Game has all the mainstream game feature like Player mode (Human, Computer, Auto Save/Load Game State, Undo-Redo Moves, Legal Moves Show, etc).See the website for detailed development history.AI, or.