Playful kiss episode 11 with english subtitles

playful kiss episode 11 with english subtitles

He spots the hat she lost when she fell, and tries to reach for it and that sends HIM into the crevasse below with an injured leg.
Without it, your DramaFever experience will be like game untuk netbook asus eee pc watching TV with blindfolds.
Start your free 1 week trial.Alarmed, Seung-jo takes off for the forest at a run, knowing something must have happened.Seung-jo sits this one out, leaving Ha-ni and a disgruntled Eun-jo on the same team.With that, leads her along with his hand still on her shoulders.Ki-tae punches back, and this leads to a full-on fight right there amidst the bookshelves while Ha-ni watches in horror and tries to urge them to stop.He-ra catches sight of their cozy tete-a-tete, and immediately sizes up the situation.Instead, shell focus on English, which is the only class she shares with Seung-jo.She laments the loss, but wouldnt you know, the box is safely back at Seung-jos place.Ha-ni stares at Seung-jo dreamily through the first half of the test session, marveling and how handsome he looks.In true Ha-ni fashion, they taste awful.I dearly wish hed let her stew in her insecurity, but he cheers her up by saying that she ought to know nothing happened with Ha-ni.

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He can pretend he doesnt care, but the fact is that he uses the hand-on-shoulder move purposely to signal the guys to back off, because once theyre alone together he drops the hand.The next morning, Ha-ni takes a stroll outside, taking a seat at a bench.Even He-ra is uneasy about the gossip, and she makes a roundabout reference to the news, trying to get Seung-jos reaction.However, she declares that shes here to meet someone else, which is when Ki-tae arrives.She spends late nights studying, and when she shows up on test day, Seung-jo notices her wan expression with some worry.I was a little confused was he actually helping her on an exam so she could join them next year?I think its time for use to get a little more than that same old, same old or at least bigger expressions of affection on his part.Exasperated, he pulls his mother aside and asks her to cut it out.