Ramadan dates 2014 and 2015

ramadan dates 2014 and 2015

Many Muslims spend the entire night in prayer.
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Muslims believe that this night which is also known as "The Night of Power" is better than a thousand months.
Since the new moon is not in the same state at the same time globally, the beginning and ending dates of Ramadan depend on what lunar sightings are received in each respective location.As a result, Ramadan dates vary in different countries, but usually only by a day.SEO-trends for 2017: expert speak.23.2017, the year 2016 gradually comes to an end, and it's time to think about next year's plans.Then, there will be fighting in (the month of) Dhu al-Qi'dah.Unfortunately, there are no hacks for instant delivery into this section (and that's fine, isn't it?).The Islamic day starts after sunset.