Selinux by example using security enhanced linux pdf

selinux by example using security enhanced linux pdf

Security is one of the important reasons GNU/Linux is chosen over MS Windows.
Most of the examples are text files and they are displayed quite clearly.
Take security to a level of detail most folks will never.
This is as helpful as the instructions themselves and is done properly throughout the book.The books cover, this topic is probably not one youll spend the weekend reading about.At seven by nine and a quarter inches, it will fit in just fine with your other technical books.But keep the discussions between professionals, nobody gets points for bashing the newbies.There is a lot of information packed into these 456 pages.A minor detail, but no accident Im sure.Karl MacMillan has lead development efforts for many of SELinuxs features.For somebody whos job depended on keeping the network securethis will probably end up being a favorite.Security is something you should really do right the first time.David Caplan has been active in figuring out SELinux policies for many different systems.He has also had many papers published.

Many folks will claim that GNU/Linux just isn√Ęt targeted as often.
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Isbn: Book, bibliometrics, citation Count: 13, downloads (cumulative.Downloads (12 Months 0, downloads (6 Weeks 0).With this book backing you up, you will be ready to take the argument to a level of detail that few are prepared for.This book will show you details on how to make it happen.Frank Mayer chairs the SELinux Symposium and has published many papers on secure operating systems.