The sorrows of young werther audiobook

the sorrows of young werther audiobook

Goethe had been placing on Werthers self-involvement.
Effect on Goethe, werther was one of Goethe's few works in the.
Werther is entirely engrossed in his own pleasures, his own happiness, and his own despairs; thus, to focus even for a moment on anyone elses personality or achievements would decrease the importance that.
Goethe understands that Werthers lost love Lotte is not the true reason for his final descent and, for the close reader, this point comes across vividly and profoundly.Romantic literature ubuntu 9.04 vlc player that inspired many poets and should be a key text for anyone studying the genre.Out of pity for her friend and respect for her husband, Lotte comes to the decision that Werther must not visit her so frequently.The statistician Karl Pearson 's first book was The New Werther.Trivia A major scene in the novel prominently features Goethe's own German translation of a portion of James Macpherson 's Ossian cycle of poems, which were originally presented as translations of ancient works, and were later found to have been written by Macpherson.The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774) is not so much a tale of love and romance as it is a chronicle of mental health; specifically, it seems, Goethe is tackling the idea of depression and even (though the term would not have existed then) bi-polar.Book Challenges: 50 Books A Year (no.2), 1001 bymrbyd (no.A Handbook of German Literature.The book made Goethe one of the first international literary celebrities.Translations The Sorrows of Young Werther, Classics Library Complete Collection, transl.

The Sorrows of Young Werther, Dover Thrift Editions, transl.
1, he is enchanted by the simple ways of the peasants there.
Nevertheless, Goethe acknowledged the great personal and emotional impact that The Sorrows of Young Werther could exert on those forlorn young lovers who discovered.Sturm und Drang movement, before he, with Friedrich von Schiller, began the.As he slowly descends deeper and deeper into melancholy, the reader also follows him into territories they possibly have never been.Highly recommended as a good quick read, that has none of the heavy language that comes with a book of its type.Napoleon Bonaparte considered it one of the great works of European literature.