Top 10 most endangered animals in the world 2013

top 10 most endangered animals in the world 2013

Indian King Vulture found sharply in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar pradesh.
Its the type of animal that windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 professional you cant see in any zoo at the moment, but a hundred of them can be sighted in a few thick forests around the world.
Indian Vulture is another Endangered birds of India, vultures were being found dead and dying throughout India.
Cross-River Gorillas, cross-River Gorillas are mostly found in thick forests of the regions of Nigeria and Cameroon, and scientific research revealed that only about 300 of this species still remain on earth.The Nilgiri Black Langur is a member of one of the 13 species of monkeys found in India,which is endangered due to deforestation and poaching for its fur and flesh.They are blind with negligible sensors on their body and maintain a diet consisting of underwater beetles, spiders and other smaller insects.The larger dodo bird went extinct a few centuries ago when the pilgrims of Britain and Spain landed on the lands of the Dodo bird.The Siberian Tigers main habitat resides in the Northern regions of Russia.Not many of these cats are left and only humans are to blame for this atrocity.This animal is so rare to the extent that many people consider it as mythological.Northern Sportive Lemur, the northern sportive lemur has seen one of the most fastest declines in population for a species on the globe.

Self preservation and the expansion of a species are the main priorities in an animals lifetime.
Chinese Giant Salamander is known to lay up to 500 eggs at a time in damp burrows, however even with this abundant reproduction rate humans have managed to destroy the population of the Chinese Giant Salamander.
One fascinating thing about this animal is that it only mates once a year, and that is usually the start of the rainy season.
Many may think that animals have no capacity to want things or have feelings, but that is quite wrong.They are also known to the world as the Far Eastern leopard, Korean leopard or the Manchurian leopard.The Antelopes of India can be seen in a a few protected areas like the Guindy National park Tamil Nadu, Rollapadu Andhra Pradesh and Chilka (Orissa) other than few parts of Rajasthan and Hariyana, Punjab is declared Black buck as state animal.Excessive hunting for its horn, reduced their natural habitat drastically.However, it was reported that human settlement expansion and deforestation in the regions where these animals are found are the major reasons for their population decrease.However, these species of animal were reported to have been heavily hunted since 1995 and right now youll hardly find a hundred of this animal globally.