Total war rome 2 1.2 patch

total war rome 2 1.2 patch

Shield types for Germanic Spear Levy and Spear Brothers have been corrected.
Fixed an exploit which allowed you to transfer units from an army that couldn't move into another army, and therefore move them further.
Usability Improvements Battle Fixed a rare bug where fire sound-effects would play after a battle had finished, and could be heard over the victory menu.
General The exclamation mark symbol on the button will now appear only when the player has not accepted the End User Licence Agreement (eula).It will no longer show when the eula has been accepted but the player is not signed into their account.The cost to hire a new general is now higher if you already have sufficient generals to lead your maximum army and navy caps.Fixed some terrain issues on the Hannibal at the Gates map.

Player-controlled ambushing armies can now use deployables in ambush battles.
Campaign Reduce Slaves effect now displays the correct icon.
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Newly formed armies now start with no action points and are unable to switch to the forced march stance until the following turn.Arevaci, Lusitani and Syracuse civil-war factions minimap and unit card colours have been corrected.Forming a confederation no longer causes rebel armies in regions owned by the confederating factions to be absorbed into the confederation.Removing a script restriction on a unit when the player has already researched a technology which would have allowed that unit to be upgraded will now allow the upgrade at the point the restriction is lifted.Increased the number of unobstructed walls vlc media player pc world in the medium and large Rome siege battle-maps.Axe Warriors cost has been increased to 470.Added a warning when loading replays from an older game version, to inform the player that results may be inconsistent when viewed in the version they are now playing.Flaming and whilsting projectiles have been removed from elephant units.Fixed a multiplayer battle spectator crash, which occurred when a defending AI general was killed.