Wizard of oz scarecrow song

wizard of oz scarecrow song

But I could show my gtu exam time table 2013-14 prowess - Be a lion not a mou-ess - If I only had the nerve I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dande-lion - A fate I don't deserve.
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Scarecrow Here - give us your hands, and we'll pull you.Have a little courage, that's all.camera trucks forward - Zeke pours feed into trough - zeke Say!dorothy How can you talk if you haven't got.MLS - The Witch comes running back into the hall - her Winkies right behind her - she gives them orders - the Guards separate - witch There they go!Ill get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!And now, my beauties!Scarecrow Of course, I don't know, but I think it'll get darker before it gets lighter.TIN MAN Come on - come.Lo and behold, water turns out to be the Witch's weakness and she suddenly begins melting for no explainable reason.I'll fight you with one paw tied behind my back.Film The Wiz (1978) Director Sidney Lumet's and Universal's Afro-American urban updated film of the Broadway musical, with New York City substituting for Oz, and singer Diana Ross in the lead role as Dorothy; also with Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, Richard Pryor as the.

He miraculously divines guesses' her plight and objectives by noting her little suitcase: The Professor: You're traveling in disguise, no, that's not right,.you're going on a visit?
Barrister Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
(screams) MCS - Tin Man - Dorothy and Scarecrow frightened - speak - look.s.
CS - Dorothy lying among poppies - snow 777 aleister crowley pdf falling on her scarecrow.s.
We want to see the Wizard right away - all four.In, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book series, Dorothys shoes were made of silver.Just because I'm presumin' That I could be kind-a human, If I only had a heart.(laughs) LAP dissolve TO: MS - Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man and Lion moving along among the rocks - they stop - camera starts forward - CU - Toto barks - MCS - Scarecrow quiets Toto - then camera pans up over the Scarecrow, Lion.Revolvers Are Just Better : For some reason that has never been explained by the cast or crew, the Scarecrow carries one in the Haunted Forest.